Well Boat Treatments

AkvaFresh provides desalination plants for bath treatments in well boats. Desalination plants can be placed on board a well boat. This will eliminate the need for transport of fresh water to treatment locations, thus offering an economical solution for both fish farmers and well boat companies.

The water produced with the AkvaFresh patented nanofiltration (NF) solution have shown high efficiency against sea lice and AGD. The desalination plants can be delivered both as customized builds to fit the interior of a well boat or as containerized units placed on deck.

Benefits of the AkvaFresh-solution:

  • Simplifies the well boat operation by having the ion-modified water produced directly on board. This saves costs on transport of water.
  • Desalination plants deliver highly purified water. Particles and pathogens are removed, which increases biosecurity and fish welfare during treatments.
  • May be used to extend the functionality of already existing well boats.