Roe, Fry, and Parr

Fresh Water Access

Many fresh water sources have a high content of humic acids and metals. AkvaFresh provides ultrafiltration solutions where a combination of membrane filtration and coagulation is used to achieve an excellent water quality. This provides pure water which is well within the recommendations for drinking water. Ultrafiltration will remove bacteria and viruses. The low amount of particles in ultra-filtrated water will also ensure a maximum effect of UV treatment as a second hygienic barrier.

Only Sea Water Access

The lack of a fitting fresh water source does not have to be the limiting factor for the establishment of a land-based aquaculture facility. By customizing the membrane filtrations plants, salinity can be adjusted to fit the needs of the customer. This includes the production of fresh water from sea water. An additional bonus is that AkvaFresh uses desalination membranes that also reduces the amount of sulphate in the water, thus reducing the risk of H2S related mortalities.